Note: Some NSFW audio.

Well, does she or doesn't she?

The Internet seems split on this video, with some arguing that yes, clearly this woman is in the fiery throes of sexual exhilaration, while others are all, "Dude, she's just having a good time—it's called an amusement park, isn't it?" We aren't sure, but the first theory is certainly much more fun.

We suppose it's possible that the thrill of the slingshot-style ride combined with the positioning of her legs plus who knows what else she might be imagining could push a person past the mere amusement stage and into the quivering-knees phase of coital bliss. Who knows. The female body is still a complete mystery to most men. Not long ago, we found out that women can have an orgasm while exercising, so getting off on a roller coaster seems eminently reasonable.