The sale of body parts is strictly forbidden on eBay. Souls, however, are apparently perfectly fine to put up for auction. We know this because eBay user Lori N is currently offering hers up on the auction site for the starting price of $2,000.

The Albuquerque, New Mexico woman concedes that her soul is "slightly used" and that's probably an understatement. The impetus behind the sale of her immortal essence is a terrible car crash she suffered in 2007 that left her in a three-week coma, collapsed her lung and costing her a breast. Lori, a freelance writer, said she hasn't really been able to work since then.

Whoever buys Lori's soul can use it how they please, but Lori is hoping they will take mercy on it. "What I'm going to deliver is the opportunity for someone to save my soul. They can save it through prayer, they can save it through conversion," she explains.

Since most folks have trouble seeing souls, Lori's will come with a certificate of ownership.

So far her Satan-bait has garnered no bids, from the Prince of Darkness or otherwise. Learn more about the kind of person who would sell their soul on eBay in the video below.

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