This woman's love of spiders is written all over her face.

Lisa Donovan is the woman -- and canvas -- in the above video in which she willingly lets a venomous, Golden silk-orb weaver spider crawl on her face with the breeziness of hair that wisps across her eyes on a windy day.

Donovan posted the video on Reddit, where people could not hold back their astonishment.

Donovan, an insect lover all her life with no formal training in dealing with them who blogs about the little critters, lives in Australia and we should point out that while the Golden silk-orb weaver spider is venomous, they're not considered dangerous because they hesitate to bite.

To that point, though, we say: SO WHAT?!? "Hesitate" doesn't mean "never," so all it takes is one curious fly to zip across the woman's face to scare the spider into biting and unleashing venom that'll swell her eye to the size of a cantaloupe.

You know the expression "look, but don't touch?" That seems like it applies here, doesn't it?

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