This woman must love Miller because she's living the thigh life.

A woman in Chattanooga, Tenn. was captured on surveillance camera stealing a case of beer from a gas station convenience store by stashing it under her dress and walking out (hmmm -- maybe she was just getting supplies for this daredevil).

Tim Winters owns Winters USA Fuels -- that was the scene of the thighme, err, crime -- and says the suspect actually deserves some credit.

She was the original thigh master, you know? She got a 12-pack of beer and stuck it between her legs. Then, she walked to the counter, made a purchase of fuel and walked back to her automobile. You know, it made me mad. Then I got to thinking about it, and I started laughing about it, you know. This lady, she really had it all together."

The woman doesn't even need beer to get that sense of the mythical "liquid courage," either. She used the coins in the change tray to purchase 70 cents of gas, which, really, should've only been enough to get her to the store's exit. How have cops not caught her yet?

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