In a bizarre incident, a female passenger stripped naked at Denver International Airport after she was asked to put out her cigarette. The woman had been smoking in a non-smoking area inside Concourse B when airport staff came by and told her she couldn't smoke. And then the woman took off her clothes. Naturally.

TMZ managed to get an exclusive photo of the incident, as you can see above, with their massive logo over top in case we all weren't sure.

It wasn't clear if it was time for her 'pat down' by airport security, but according to witnesses, the naked woman did asked airport staff if she could reprint her boarding pass. Fearing something (obviously) wasn't right, security were called to the scene.

According to FOX31, the woman was not arrested - instead she was transported to a local hospital for evaluation. DIA officials stated they weren't going to press any charges against the woman.

[Via TMZ]

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