When Kairee Goodin took a trip out to the Mojave Desert back in June 2010, to attend an amateur rocket festival, she expected it to be hot – but what she didn’t expect is a high powered rocket to leave her entire backside looking like something from the Elephant Man.

The 21-year-old biotech from Seattle, Washington claims that she received first and second degree burns to 5% of her body, and lacerations to her thighs, legs and butt from shrapnel and flying debris when members of the San Diego chapter of Tripoli Rocketry launched a 300 pound rocket approximately 30-40 feet from where she was sitting. We might not be rocket scientists, but sitting that close to a flaming shaft makes us a little uncomfortable.

According to a complaint filed in San Diego Superior Court, the rocket, which was modeled after NASA’s Delta 2, had five engines capable of producing a combined thrust of 25,000 to 30,000 newtons. Goodin said that the rocket was lowered from its vertical position to a more horizontal one, in an attempt to make a larger crater upon takeoff. The group fired off the rocket, which according to the complaint, went toward her right side – leaving her with numerous injuries.

After Goodin was taken to a “woefully inadequate first aid station,” she claims that while her clothes were being stripped away to treat her burns, onlookers took pictures of her standing humiliated in her underwear.

The amount of money for damages Goodin is suing for are unknown, however, we are certain that it will be a long time before this girl allows her butt to get near anything that resembles a fiery rocket again.

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