Be on the lookout for these women on the prowl. They might look appealing, but they'll make your life a living hell. This collection of 10 Types of Women to Stop Dating represents ladies who will put your interests on the back burner in order to bleed you dry, whether it be emotionally, attentively or economically. Here at GuySpeed, we're all about treating the ladies right, but there is always the question of how far we must go in order to do that. While nobody is perfect, there are certain traits in females that are telltale signs that you shouldn't stay. Be prepared for selfish divas, crazy chicks and an important lesson on happiness with the list below.

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    The Attention Whore

    Having a Personality Doesn't Mean Hogging the Spotlight

    To start off our list, we have the lady who always demands the spotlight. Every single thing this girl does happens to turn into a scene. She talks loud, her arms flail when she speaks, she dresses provocatively for the sake of having everyone's eyes on her and her stories are nothing but unbelievable, over-the-top lies. These ladies will exhaust you and will always demand your full attention. Relationships should be about honesty and compromise, and you won't get much of it here - if they act like that in public, who knows what they'll demand when it's just you two. Having a personality or being chatty is one thing, but demanding everyone's focus at every possible moment is a completely different story.

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    The Spoiled Brat

    Good Luck Compromising

    These were the type of girls you hated throughout your whole life. As a kid, they were raised to be selfish. In high school, they were stuck up. As an adult, they think everything should go their way no matter what. They might look good, but these self-proclaimed princesses will have nonsensical expectations from the get-go. The spoiled brat will always want things to go her way no matter what. You will always find yourself running in circles desperately trying to accommodate every ridiculous demand this girl may have, no matter how trivial.

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    The Insecure

    Confidence is a Must for Both Parties

    Sure, we might be very judgmental on a woman's body and this might lead to ladies questioning themselves as to how they appeal to us. But we assure you, there's a difference between that and being insecure. A girl who is very insecure about herself may never end up fully trusting you. This can lead to control issues and her thinking that you're going to cheat on her or leave her to the point where she'll try to dominate your social interactions. Even worse, she might end up invading your privacy (going through your text messages, Facebook, etc. when you're not looking) just to make sure you're not talking to other females.

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    The Hulk

    Always Angry and Bitter is a Bad Sign

    It doesn't matter what originally inspired these women to always be angry, but for some reason they can't turn it off, which looks so ugly in the long run. Just because a woman got screwed over or jaded by another guy somewhere in her past doesn't mean that you have to deal with her defenses being cranked to the absolute maximum. Even if these ladies are amazing in bed, that doesn't excuse her bitterness and anger towards the outside world. Many of times, this gets directed at you, especially if you are the guy she is most comfortable with. She could even be nice at times, but these women hold grudges and will remember every small, unintentional mistake you will ever make and will proceed to rub it in your face in every argument at the drop of a hat.

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    The Rebound

    Only an Alley-Opp at Best

    Have you just gotten over a fairly serious breakup? Perhaps your last girlfriend cheated on you. Nevertheless, never settle on the rebound girl. Getting over a girl you parted ways on bad terms with usually ends up with you looking for the nearest female who either is the exact opposite of your ex or is way outside of what you normally go for. While we're all for diversifying our female conquests, a rebound girl usually results in you ending up with one of these other types of undesirable girls on this list. Either that or you end up sacrificing logic for the sake of finding a good lay. Give yourself time to breath and don't just look for a substitute girl.

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    The Bimbo

    Yes, Her Brain Matters

    This girl is gorgeous and sexy but the second she opens her mouth and you hear a marbled, incoherent mess, you'll realize it was all just a front. These are the girls who end up dominating conversations with you simply for the fact that you have nothing to say in response. If you find yourself simply smiling at most of the things she says out of common courtesy without ever saying anything requiring thought in response, she isn't a keeper. Any sort of long-term connection to these girls should come with a dire warning - prepare to facepalm. It might be cute at first, but when it comes to her opinions and rationales about serious things in your relationship or future, you will find yourself losing interest very fast.

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    The Gold Digger / Material Girl

    Don't Go Bankrupt on a Broad You Just Met

    You already know who she is. She's the girl who asks what your job is and what kind of car you drive just minutes into your first conversation. She'll look for your watch and either comment on it or ask what brand is it, just to judge you. Relationships are more than just buying stuff and girls should be interested in other things than what brands you wear. These girls know their way around, and will determine whether or not your bank account is the correct combination into getting into her panties right off the bat. Again, these girls could be a great one night stand, just don't expect that Pabst is tonight's menu.

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    The Psycho

    Lines Need to be Drawn

    This is the girl who will never let you breathe. She will try to command every aspect of your life until you find yourself caught in her maze, struggling to get out. These ladies are tornadoes of chaos, she's the one who will break your video game system for playing it in her presence or will start throwing the nearest object just for being pissed off. These women cannot control their emotions and will simply use them as fuel to absolutely ruin your life. Even worse, the psycho will utilize many aspects of the other avoidable types on this list in order to get their way. For example, they'll act like a bimbo in regards to things they want to hide. Or they're an attention whore to the point where they'll become belligerently angry for you not spoiling her and grovelling at her feet. If you hear from a friend that a girl you want to talk to is a psycho, do yourself a favor - move on.

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    The Savior

    Find Happiness in Yourself Before Finding It in a Woman

    Take notes fellas, if you're depressed, sad or lonely, many of times finding a female will only make things worse. If you’re not happy with who you are on the inside, you won’t be happy in a long-term relationship with anyone else either.  You have to create stability in your own life before you can share that with someone else. If you're sad that you can't land a girl that you want, just remember that women like confidence. And if you've gotta fake that confidence, you're going into the world of women with the wrong mindset, which makes you prey to these avoidable types we're trying to warn you about. It sounds sappy, but finding love isn't the answer if you can't love yourself. How can you make some smokin' hot chick happy if you can't make yourself happy first?

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    The Transformer

    Don't Change Yourself for a Girl

    At the top of our list of 10 Types of Women to Stop Dating, we have the most controlling and manipulative of all. The premise of a relationship is absolutely simple: a girl should like you for who you are, and vice versa. If you find that your girl is constantly trying to change your life, something is wrong. Unless she's trying to ween you off of a meth addiction, inspire you to get a better job or convincing you to hit the gym every once in a while, a girl trying to change who you are is usually a bad sign. It means that she sort of likes you, but she's trying to mold you into what she personally wants. If you're not what she likes, she shouldn't try to force her expectations onto you. Never go out with a girl who treats you like her son (you can't spell smothering without mothering). Like the savior type, a woman should like you for you, and you shouldn't rely on the ideals of another person who doesn't even fully like you in order to decide how you live your life.