Between phones, TVs, iPads, computer screens and even the ordering screen to get a sandwich, the human eye takes a beating to the retinas all day long. 

There is a point in the day when a human being just HAS to stop staring dead in the eye of technology. The eyeballs need a break. The eyeballs need Word.

Word are just cool looking notebooks. Simple. What are notebooks you ask? Those ruled and bound pages of paper you didn't write in while in school. These Word pocket notebooks do most of the heavy lifting, attempting to keep all your pointless doodling in some type of order. The creators explain...

"During a meeting earlier this year, we realized each of our pocket notebooks happened to be filled with bullet points, strikethroughs and assorted combinations of numbers and letters we used in an effort to keep things orderly. They looked a mess. What if we could standardize a system for all these lists and scribbles and pack it inside a good looking notebook?"

Word notebooks -- now if you only had some good ideas to write down.