Christmas is supposed to be a special time with friends and family. It’s when you can all kick back and watch some great movies, though not every Christmas movie is a classic. Movie ticket website Fandango polled customers to come up with the ultimate holiday flop, and now have a list of the worst Christmas movies ever made. Get ready, brace yourself for the worst. Here’s the Top 5 Worst Christmas Movies, in my book:

  • Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

    Sadly, this movie has been brought up more than once this year -- we've seen this featured as one of the weirdest Christmas movies ever, but it’s also pretty bad, too.

  • Jingle All the Way

    Arnold Schwarzenegger + Trying to be a great family man = Fail. Sadly this gem was the last movie for the late great Phil Hartman.

  • Santa With Muscles

    An evil millionaire (played by Hulk Hogan) gets amnesia and then believes that he is Santa Claus… oh, brother.

  • Ernest Saves Christmas

    Who better to help Santa Claus search for his successor than Ernest?

  • Home Alone 3

    Let’s take the same plot we’ve done twice, change the family, keep a redheaded mom, and add chicken pox. Boom, movie gold!