Peter Welsh and Dwayne Doolan really wanted to steal some jewels on New Year's Eve. So the Australians first threw spark plugs at the windows of Wrights Classique Jewellers in Queensland in hopes that would break them in. When that didn't work, they tried to barge in through the back door -- only to find themselves in the neighboring Animal Welfare League.

Still determined to end 2012 with a big bag of ill-gotten jewels, the wannabe thieves hatched their most ambitious plot. They would tunnel into the jewelery store from the public toilets located behind the store. Again, their poor sense of direction would do them in.

When the men crawled out of the small tunnel they created, they found themselves inside a KFC. Determined to make their criminal lemons into crime lemonade they threatened the staff of the fast food joint with the crowbars they had used for the tunneling.

The boys make off with about $1000 from the restaurant's safe. (But apparently no chicken, which seems a shame.)

Since Welsh and Doolan hadn't prepared for that type of public robbery, they were pretty easy to identify and were picked up by police soon after their improvised crime.

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