If you’re anything like us, you’ve pretty much written off the next couple days, since you won’t be doing much of anything but generally freaking out about Sunday’s ‘WrestleMania.’ But in between stocking the fridge with booze, stocking the liquor cabinet with booze and replacing all the booze you blast through before the show even starts, why not take some time to participate in the inaugural ‘WrestleMania’ Poll-o-mania?

First, brush up on the ‘WrestleMania’ card by carefully reading, commenting on and sharing our ‘WrestleMania’ preview, then dive in below and sound off on who you think will come out of Miami victorious. If there’s a big enough response, WWE might even sit up and take notice, giving the fans what they want! Kidding. They won't, but, it will still be fun.

Vote now and come back Sunday for the results!