2012 has been quite the year in professional wrestling.

Several wrestlers stepped out of the shadows to become major players. Others broke records holding World Championships way longer than anyone would have imagined while one man held world titles simultaneously for two promotions at the same time.

There are several wrestlers that are deserving of the honor of being named Wrestler of the Year but there can only be one. The following ten wrestlers all have a strong case to the title. Who will you choose?

  • CM Punk

    CM Punk has had one of the greatest years of any wrestler in recent memory. He has held the WWE Championship for an entire calendar year thus far. Facing off and defeating the likes of John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and Ryback. CM Punk has solidified his legacy in the business in 2012. Becoming exactly what he has always told everyone that he is…the best in the world.

  • Austin Aries

    A Double, Austin Aries, has had a truly break out year in Impact Wrestling. Starting off the year as X-Division champion and holding it all the way to Destination X where he cashed in the championship to defeat World Champion Bobby Roode to become TNA Champion. The “Greatest Man to Ever Live” is certainly having an incredible year.

  • Sheamus

    It seems that with each passing year Sheamus keeps getting better and better. Holding the World Heavyweight Championship for almost half of the entire calendar year, the Celtic Warrior has faced off with and defeated almost every challenger that has stood in his way. Currently scheduled to face Big Show at the TLC pay per view in December, the Irish man that loves a good fight could end the year as World Champion.

  • Kevin Steen

    It’s very obvious to fans of professional wrestling that Kevin Steen has had one hell of a year. Known to some as “Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare”, Steen might be one of the few people in the history of this business to capture two major world championships from different promotions in the same year, becoming both the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Ring of Honor World Champion throughout this calendar year.

  • Daniel Bryan

    Whether you’re chanting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” or “No! No! No!” you can’t argue that Daniel Bryan has had his greatest year with the WWE in 2012. Starting off the year as the World Heavyweight Champion defeating challengers such as the Big Show and Mark Henry, good ole “Goat Face” has surely proven that he belongs in the land of the giants. Speaking of giants, Daniel Bryan currently holds the world tag team championships with Kane as Team Hell No. He is the tag team champion!

  • Bobby Roode

    The “It Factor” Bobby Roode has had an incredible year with Impact Wrestling. During 2012 he became the longest reigning World Champion in TNA history. Surpassing the record once held by the Phenomenal AJ Styles. Roode has another shot at the World title at Final Resolution and could end 2012 as a two-time World Champion.

  • James Storm

    James Storm, much like his former tag team partner in Bobby Roode has had his break out year in 2012. No longer thought of as just a tag team wrestler, James Storm has wrestled for the TNA World Championship on more than one occasion this year. The Cowboy had a very impressive showing in the Bound for Glory series and was very close to challenging for Jeff Hardy’s World Championship at Final Resolution.

  • Jeff Hardy

    Jeff Hardy truly resurrected his career in 2012 fulfilling his destiny of once again holding the TNA World Championship when he defeated Austin Aries at Bound For Glory in October. The “Charismatic Enigma” proved all the doubters wrong by showing that he was once again able to put a national company on his back and represent them with their championship. A feat that many thought we would never see again just one year earlier. What a difference a year makes.

  • Ryback

    The man simply known as Ryback has had quite the meteoric rise in 2012. Formerly known as Nexus member Skip Sheffield, Ryback returned to the WWE this year and went on a streak that many people compared to that of one Bill Goldberg. Ryback within months of his WWE debut has become a breakout main eventer, facing off against the likes of CM Punk and John Cena near the end of 2012. All signs point to him having an even bigger year in 2013.

  • Bully Ray

    Once thought of as only a tag team wrestler, Bully Ray has broke out in 2012 becoming one of the best heels in the world of wrestling today. The multi-time tag team champion has been involved in several of top feuds this year in Impact Wrestling. Whether it was a hardcore match with Abyss or a wrestling clinic with Austin Aries, Bully Ray has truly shined in 2012.


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