Wrestling and rock ‘n’ roll have long been synonymous with one another. Whether it was Alice Cooper’s celebrity appearance at Wrestlemania III or growing up listening to Hulk Hogan’s unforgettable 'Real American' theme, the two go hand in hand.

Theme songs are a quintessential part of many wrestler’s personas, and often ignite fury, fear, or cheers from the audience. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best theme songs sung by well known rock bands in wrestling history.

Living Colour – Cult of Personality [CM Punk]

By far the most recognizable theme song by casual fans, Living Colour’s 'Cult of Personality' was introduced after Punk’s hiatus from the WWE. He was the hottest commodity in pro wrestling at the time, and having a recognizable and edgy mainstream theme song made his return that much more special.

The attached video is of CM Punk’s return to the company after his threat to leave the company. As you can tell, CM Punk’s new theme throws the crowd off at first. However, once he makes his way out to the ring, the crowd is electric.

Motorhead– The Game [Triple H]

It may be the most recognizable theme song in the WWE today. HHH, often recognized as “The Game” because of his cerebral, tactical, and mind manipulating ways, fits perfectly with this Motorhead song.

His dark, slow, menacing entrance compliments the song well and it always sets the tone for a serious confrontation.

Rob Zombie – Never Gonna Stop [Edge]

The famous 'You Think You Know Me' line to begin the song ignited crowds like few theme songs could and followed by the heavy drums and guitar riff, fans knew immediately who was on their way to the ring.

The 11-time world champion spent long sections of his career hated by fans for his cowardly ways, and this song often ignited a buzz of boos throughout the arena.

Limp Bizkit – Rollin’ [The Undertaker] 

The Undertaker’s reincarnation as the American Bad-Ass caught a lot of people off guard. The long-time dead man now rode a motorcycle to the ring and wore bandanas.

He needed something edgy, fast-paced and impactful to accompany the new personality. 'Rollin’' by Limp Bizkit fit The Undertaker well and the live accompany to the ring at Wrestlemania 19 was a sight to see.

Finger 11 – Slow Chemical [Kane]

For 15 years, Kane has been perhaps the most menacing figure in sports entertainment. Whether he dawns the mask or shows his hideous face, Kane is a force to be reckoned with.

To accompany his hellacious personality, Kane needed a song that was dark and violent. Finger 11 did exactly that with this lasting theme song.

Our Lady Peace– Whatever [Chris Benoit]

We know, we know -- we’re supposed to ignore that Chris Benoit ever existed. Nevertheless, the fact he had a bad ass theme song cannot be denied. The opening riff, by a Canadian band for a Canadian wrestler, let fans know who was in the building.

The song is intense, vicious, and relentless, much like Benoit was inside the ring.

Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child [Hollywood Hulk Hogan]

When Hulk Hogan made his triumphant and improbable return the World Wrestling Entertainment in 2002, it was clear he was going to need a new theme song. Using the infamous 'Real American' song would remind fans of his initial run in the company, while using the NWO theme would go against the Hulkamaniac gimmick they trying to get over.

Who better than Jimi Hendrix to fill the void? 'Voodoo Child' accompanied Hogan to the run during his unbelievable run to the WWE Championship in 2002.

Rev Theory - Voices [Randy Orton] 

Randy Orton was in need of an edge after his inaugural run with the world championships. Competitive feuds with The Undertaker and John Cena had elevated Orton to world champion status, but his plain, run of the mill haircut and style was doing little to impress fans.

'Voices' represented a new Randy Orton during his feud with HHH where the infamous punt gimmick was established. The sadistic boot to the head and viper-like mannerisms made Orton WWE’s resident psychopath. Orton’s theme song, 'Voices' by Rev Theory, helped to establish Orton’s edge as a competitor and let fans know he was unstable.

Breaking Point - One of a Kind [Rob Van Damm]

For the superstar with more unique and unbelievable offense than any other competitor in the WWE, a song titled “One of a Kind” fit perfectly. The WWE made little effort to get Rob Van Dam over as a face during his early WWE days but everywhere they went, more RVD signs appeared. Fans continued to chant “RVD” and his status continued to climb.

After establishing him self as a top level talent, it was time to get Van Dam some theme music to go along. Breaking Point combined aspects of RVD’s old music with his “one of a kind” moniker to come up with a fitting song for one of the most dynamic wrestlers to appear in the WWE for a very long time.

Killswitch Engage - This Fire Burns [CM Punk]

For a new WWE talent to get a theme song by one of hard rock’s most prominent bands, it instantly helped to establish CM Punk as a talent worth watching. Punk broke onto the scene in WWE’s incarnation of ECW back in 2006. The song, unlike many, stuck with bunk for over five years at he used it until the previously mentioned 'Cult of Personality.'

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