Today's SuicideGirl is Yesenia, a 27-year-old from Florida who gets hot when she sees a guy with messy hair and calls Larry David a personal hero. Pretttty, pretty good.

AGE: 27


OCCUPATION: Cicerone Certified Beer Server, Suicide Girl, artist.

CURRENT CRUSH: My girlfriend, Praesepe Suicide.

BODY MODS: 8 tats and a few piercings.

HEROES: Larry David

GETS ME HOT: Educated men with messy hair that smell good.


FANTASY: A logical world.

SIGN: Taurus.

MOST HUMBLING MOMENT: When I lost my faith and realized how "real" life is, and how "real" death is.

I LOST MY VIRGINITY: To a guy who lives on a sailboat.

MY KINK FACTOR: I'm old-fashioned.

INTO: The simple things in life.

NOT INTO: Spiders and stamp collecting.

MAKES ME HAPPY: Good stories, thunderstorms, banjos, historic places, craft beer.

MAKES ME SAD: Pollution, war, poor education, selfishness and bad manners.

HOBBIES: traveling, painting, storm chasing.

5 THINGS I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Passport, rose water, books, my eye sight and warmth.



SuicideGirls is a community that celebrates alternative beauty and alternative culture from all over the world. Since 2001, tens of thousands of models have submitted millions of photos to their website hoping to become SuicideGirls.

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