Ah, the Yule log. It's almost as much of a Christmas tradition as, say, family yelling.

Yes, admit it. While the holidays conjure images of families getting all cozy, sipping egg nog and remembering how lucky they are, they're also a time for gritting your teeth while you slip some liquor into the egg nog to help you forget how unlucky you are that your family is in town for longer than you can deal.

That's what makes this particular Yule log so great. It's not just a simple video of a log burning. It's a simple video of a log burning while a married couple argues over it. It's Christmas, not the way it's the meant to be, but the way it is.

It's fantastic and it's the Christmas you know all too well. It runs for nearly an hour, so you'll get your fill of this couple giving their lungs a workout.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the wonders of the holiday season.