Yuliya Snigir is a 29-year-old actress and model from the Tula region of Russia. We don't exactly know where that is, but it sounds cold.

You probably remember Yuliya best for her appearance in the hot music video "Do skoroi vstrechi (See you soon)" by the the superstars Zveri. Just kidding, what the hell is that?!

Glad that's cleared up.

Yulia also played Rada Gaal in 'The Inhabited Island,' a 2008 science fiction film based on the 1970s Russian novel of the same name. We're crushing on her today though, because we just heard that she we'll be seeing her in the latest installment in the Die Hard franchise: 'A Good Day to Die,' where she will play a Russian villain. We read something about her "stripping out of her leathers," so we've already reserved our tickets: