Thank you for sticking with us so far, we guarantee you, it'll only get stickier with the top half of the 100 Hottest Women of 2014. As we break the top 50, be prepared for the mother of dragons, some Chichis (from Dragon Ball!), the queen of the octagon and one of the top ladies in the adult film industry.

  • 50

    Ariana Grande

    Being from Florida, it would make sense that Ariana Grande would get her foot in the door of the entertainment world through Nickelodeon Studios. Ariana's debut album, Yours Truly, broke the Billboard top 10 in 2013. Don't let Ariana's humble look fool you, her voice is one of the most power ones of this generation. Ariana's four-octave range has been compared to the likes of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. With a ton of volunteer and philanthropy experience, this 20 year old songstress is an artist we fully support. Speaking of support, look at those legs.

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    Brooklyn Decker

    Brooklyn Decker has dropped nearly 25 spots since our previous Hottest Women of the Year list. This decline can be attributed to her throttling down on her modelling work and focusing on small-time television roles. But any hottie who is a recurring star on 'The League' is welcome here at GuySpeed.

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    Madison Welch

    This glamour model is known for skin mags all over England. Madison Welch is a British bombshell who has previously appeared on the car-buff show, 'Top Gear'. In the States, Ms. Welch is recognizable as the prominently hot forest woman during the hand scene of Danny McBridge and James Franco's comedy, 'Your Highness'.


  • 47

    Jess Davies

    When it rains, it pours. But in this case, it's pouring busty British glamour models! A logical choice to go with Madison Welch, we present to you, Jess Davies! Jess has it all, wild blonde hair, massive mountains of mammaries, a beautiful face, and to top it off, a British accent. We promise we'll try to keep the teabagging jokes to a minimum whenever its tea time.


  • 46

    Leilani Dowding

    You know what's one of the only things that could be possibly hotter than a British glamour girl? One that is British and Filipino! The first woman of Asian ancestry to ever represent England in the Miss Universe pagent, Leilani Dowding's beauty has been nothing short of legendary.


  • 45

    Tori Black

    Can you believe that the woman in this picture just had her second child a few months before this photo was taken? But then again, if we had the porno queen Tori Black around us, she'd probably be getting ready for her third. Out of our Hottest Women of 2014, Tori Black is the perfect hybrid of having a girl-next-door face but with a veteran porn star's body, which makes her stand out from a lot of her contemporaries who may only have one or the other.


  • 44

    Candice Swanepoel

    Ranking in at seventh place in last year's list, we have the famous, Victoria's Secret model, Candice Swanepoel. Candice is from the Natal Province of South Africa, but her beauty has taken her all over the world. The ninth top-grossing model in the world according to Forbes, Candice is worth every penny. You guys might recognize Candice as the model chosen to wear the 10 million dollar "Royal Fantasy Bra" at the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Diamonds are forever, and with a rack like that, Candice deserves support of the finest quality.

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  • 43

    Emilia Clarke

    Our fourth British woman on this part of our Hottest Women list needs no introduction. If you're a fan of 'Game of Thrones', you will easily recognize the mother of dragons, Emilia Clarke. Emilia was recently announced to play Sarah Connor in the upcoming reboot of the original 'Terminator' film. While we hope Hollywood will stop doing getting off on reboots of our most favorite movies, we sure would like to take the boots (and everything else) off of Daenerys Targaryen.

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  • 42

    Emmy Rossum

    After starring as Chichi in the franchise abomination 'Dragonball: Evolution', we thought Emmy Rossum's career was going to be over. But we recently watched 'Mystic River' on Netflix and now we're square with Ms. Rossum. After reaching the third season of her hit show, 'Shameless', consider us avid fans of Emmy Rossum.

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  • 41

    Arianny Celeste

    Over the past few years, Arianny Celeste has gone from simply being a UFC ring girl to modelling for the likes of Playboy, FHM and Sports Illustrated. Unfortunately, Arianny got into a bit of legal trouble last year due to a domestic dispute between her and her previous boyfriend. Don't worry, she's alright. Surprisingly, he called the cops on her after she kicked him in the face. With such solid footing, we're surprised she hardly moved a spot since last year's list. We were going to make some sort of joke about entering her ring and turning it into an octagon and her giving us some kind of "head"-lock, but we prefer our faces remaining unbroken.