New research shows that if you want to reach optimal happiness, you need to strive for having the "ideal day." Ok, this seems super obvious, but what isn’t obvious -- or in practice very much in our culture -- is what the “ideal day” really is. You'll like the answer.

Turs out, a day made up of many well-timed activities is ideal, and the most important one is at least 106 minutes of sex. Per day. Go ahead, read it again.

Two geniuses – trust us, you’ll agree – Sebatian Pokutta and Christian Kroll recently released a paper called “Just a perfect day? Developing a happiness optimized day schedule.” Please share this research with your significant other, as soon as possible, and then share some other stuff ifyouknowwhatwemean.

Researchers are proposing that, if we want to be truly happy, we must live our lives by the 36:106 ratio. They believe that the path to ultimate happiness includes making sure that each of our days is spent by having at least 106 minutes of “intimate relations,” and only 36 minutes of working.

Using our limited understanding of scientific research, we provide the following summary: These dudes plugged some numbers from earlier research into some sort of function that accounts for overindulgence, and came up with a formula for having the best 16-hour day you can have; you gotta leave eight hours for sleep, of course. They found that instead of spending 244 minutes working and only seven minutes -- you know who you are -- having sex, we should be intimate, relax and socialize for the majority of our day, and spend the least amount of time working, commuting and doing housework.

To discover what would make people achieve true happiness, instead of focusing on the more common study of subjective well-being which “focuses on people’s living conditions such as marriage, income or employment status,” Pokutta and Kroll based their research on the Day Reconstruction Method, which looks into how Americans spend their time and how daily activities can affect happiness.

Maybe only 36 minutes of work doesn't seem very feasible to those of us who need an income, but if you've been feeling down, this research clearly shows that you should stop taking the Xanax and start getting it on.

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