Bad girls with smoking hot mug shots - they make us feel so good. P. Diddy once said that. Kind of.

Just as most chicks like bad boys, you'd be hard pressed to find many guys who don't at least fantasize about shacking up with a bad girl. Most criminals have a screw loose and, if the old idiom holds true, that equals straight pleasure town in the sack. Now, we don't want any ladies reading this to think they need to go out and start a crime spree. But, if you're a bad girl with a smoking hot mug shot and have had a run in with the law, we're interested in the tale.

We scoured thousands, nay TRILLIONS, of mug shots online to bring you this list of the 20 hottest bad girls. What makes a mug shot hot? Sometimes it was a devilish grin, other times it's a case of post-sex hair. Bottom line - if you look at it and get a funny feeling downstairs, you've got a winner.

After reviewing this lights out lineup, you might just submit your application to the local police department.

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