We're not even going to pretend we know the first thing about art but here is a piece of artistry we'll gladly get inside of behind.

South African artist Reshma Chhiba has constructed a 39-foot-tall screaming vagina inside a former women’s prison. Titled "The Two Talking Yonis-uitstalling", this giant wizard's sleeve comes complete with a clitoris, pubic hair, disembodied screams and a voucher for a free soda at the snack bar.

Chhiba hopes that the 39-foot tall vagina will encourage people to think about women’s bodies differently.

It's caused us to rethink the names we call friends. We will no longer refer to our friends as "massive vaginas" when they are being difficult. From now on we'll call them "talking yonis-uitstalling" which flows much easier.

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