When you're in your twenties and a bartender, bouncer or waitresses doesn't ask for your ID you feel sort of good -- like you're getting away with something.

When you are in thirties and they stop asking you feel old, like you should be back at home with your wife and kids rather than at a bar. You'd imagine when you reach the age of 80, like Florida resident Charles Johnson, you hit an age at which he no longer felt the need to bring his ID to his local Hooters. Especially because he's as old as the actual franchise.

However, Johnson's ID-less strategy failed at the Hooters in Jacksonville where he was refused alcohol after he couldn't provide proof he was born in 1932. When Johnson asked the manager to reconsider, he was simply read Hooters' policy that everybody must show ID.

"I couldn't find out why they would want to ID me," he explained. I haven't been asked for ID since I was 35 years old."

Johnson is now boycotting Hooters for "lack of common sense."

Maybe this is all for the best. The combination of alcohol, deep fried chicken parts, sexy young servers in form-fitting tops and an 80-year-old man seems like a recipe for a coronary event.

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