The title of "world's coolest old  lady" no longer belongs to Betty White.

Nope, the "Golden Girl" has been bumped to the silver position, thanks to Elvira Montes, an 81-year-old from Fort Worth, Tex., who recently finished the famed beer mile in Austin. She is believed to be the oldest person to complete the course at the race.

For those uninitiated, the beer mile is when you down a 12-ounce beer and then run a quarter-mile lap. You do this four times until you've completed a mile.

Montes drank her beers in 20 minutes, 24 seconds. Not only did she finish the course while enjoying some KCCO Gold Lager, she managed to beat her own 47-year-old daughter by 50 seconds, while her son-in-law couldn't even finish.

Montes, who's been running for over two decades, told Runner's World she was actually a little disappointed:

I should have been a little faster. I tried to drink the first one really fast but I couldn’t. The second one went down really smooth; the third, even better. The fourth was alright.”

And further proving just how college party-ready she is, Montes, who ran the race last year and says scotch is her drink of choice, told the Washington Post the beer "tasted like water."

Montes is hardly done, either. She plans to run the beer mile again while shattering the 20-minute mark, which would make this grandmother infinitely cooler than this mother ever will be.

Now, let's all raise a glass to Elvira Montes...and watch as she chugs whatever is in hers faster than any of us.

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