What's the only thing scarier than a 94-year-old man behind the wheel? How about a 94-year-old drunk man behind the wheel.

John Flannery, 94, of Montoursville, Pa., was charged with drunk driving Tuesday after he backed his car into his neighbor's home back in May. (Side note: at 94 years old, you'd think they wouldn't wait four months to take legal action.)

The legal blood alcohol limit to drive .08. Flannery's level registered .141.

Flannery backed his car into his neighbor's living room, causing his neighbor to suffer leg, rib and shoulder injuries.

Flannery admitted to police he had two shots and two beers over the period of several hours at his local American Legion, something he's done every Sunday since 1982.

Flannery's neighbor and his wife have filed a lawsuit against him, but, come on, the guy's 94. Justice may be blind -- and he may be, too, pretty soon, but unless there's a rush put on the case, it may never see the light of day.

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