Most Xbox 360 gamers haven't been able to experience The Witcher, the absolutely fantastic action RPG that was released on PC back in 2007. This is a shame.

Known for its incredible combat and mature story (collectible sex cards notwithstanding), the game was an instant hit with critics and gamers alike. Fortunately The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is coming out for the 360 (and being re-released for PC) in an Enhanced Edition filled with new characters, adventures, locations, and new cut scenes, including an absolutely stunning new opening animation by BAFTA winner and Oscar nominee Tomasz Baginski.

But you may be wondering- what exactly is a Witcher? It's what your main character Geralt is, a class of warrior monks that hunt down various monsters and creatures that plague mankind. But it's easier to see for yourself, especially with this awesome animation they've released that takes a look inside him, quite literally. The Witcher 2 hits April 17th worldwide- you're in for a treat, folks.

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