Alright boys, we got some news here dat da boss ain't gonna like. Appears as if his prized Caddy ain't going him wit him to da garage. It's going to some palooka who bids on it wit da most money. Time ta make dis fella sleep wit da fishes, see?

Don't worry, this entire article won't be done in 1930's gangster speak, but you can just imagine that that's how the conversation would go if Al Capone's bulletproof 1928 Cadillac were to go up for auction back in the day. The notorious and ruthless criminal boss, who ran the streets of Chicago, had fantastic taste in cars. Especially the kind that could protect him from a hailstorm of bullets.

RM Auctions is putting the car up for sale on July 28th in in Plymouth, MI. This isn't the first time this beautiful green Cadillac has hit the auction block. Six years ago it fetched $621,500 according to Autoblog. After being purchased by carnies in 1932, the car spent most of its life in museums in Great Britain, Canada and Tennessee. Attorney John O'Quinn had purchased the car back in 2006 but died in a car accident in 2009, so his estate is putting the famous car up for auction once again.

Most of the armor was removed 50 years ago when it was restored, though that shouldn't deter buyers who want to own one of the greatest pieces of mafia history. RM Auctions is estimating the car will fetch $300,000-$500,000, which is was unable to do when it last went up for auction back in 2010 and nobody bought it. If this classic Caddy doesn't sell, it may go back to traveling the museum circuit (which is where a car like this should belong in the first place.) Maybe the auction should include a few Tommy machine guns and beefed up Italians to help coax buyers into bidding.

You can see more pictures of the car by clicking HERE. Alright boys, empty yer pockets. We got ourselves a car we needs ta purchase.

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