Division III football players usually have as much of a shot at playing in the NFL as our dead grandma but the age of technology has opened up things a bit for anyone with an arm and a camera to turn some heads. If your arm is strong enough, your video is flashy enough and some awful team is desperate enough, anything can happen.

Monmouth University quarterback Alex Tanney, having dubbed himself the "Trick Shot Quarterback", filmed himself turning throwing drills into something like a game of H-O-R-S-E, nailing any bar of the goal post he chooses from the 50-yard line. ProFootballTalk reports the Buffalo Bills were impressed enough to offer him a tryout.

If things work out for Tanney and the Bills, or maybe some other team, this story is a ready-made Disney flick with an ending that would be ridiculous and cloying if it wasn't real.

Now we know we've got some work to do. We'll be filming ourselves saying sexist and racist stuff while wearing fedoras, hoping it gets us cast on Mad Men, or at least a coaching position with the Miami Marlins.