Who didn't have a raging crush on Alicia Silverstone in the 90s? Riddle us that.

She was cast in not just one, but three Aerosmith videos for 'Cryin,' 'Crazy,' and 'Amazing' and deciding which video she was the hottest in is like a Sophie's choice scenario we want no part of.

And then, there was 'Clueless.' Silverstone played the sweet-talking spoiled Cher Horowitz who lived in Beverly Hills. We didn't care that she was a virgin who couldn't drive, we loved her all the same.

And just like all hot girls of the 90s, Silverstone went on to marry some guy in a rock band named Christopher Jarecki, with whom she had a son.

In more recent years, Silverstone lent her voice to her own cartoon series, 'Braceface,' and starred in movies such as 'Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed,' 'Beauty Shop,' and a cameo in 'Tropic Thunder.' She also continues to support animal rights and environmental causes.

So, does Alicia Silverstone still have it?


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