Lark Voorhies' character on 'Saved By the Bell,' Lisa Turtle, singlehandedly upended the dance world, when she and Screech upset power duos the Spandex Twins and The Powerhouse Preppies in a dance off at the Max by inventing The Sprain.

You see, Lisa Turtle's character had the misfortune of hurting her ankle right before the big dance competition hosted by Casey Kasem. Needless to say, we've never seen anyone hobble around as cute as Voorhies did on that particular episode of 'Saved by the Bell.'

After starring on 'Saved By the Bell' for five years, Voorhies appeared in movies such as 'How to Be a Player' (where she played a character fittingly  named Lisa) and Method Man and Redman's masterpiece, 'How High.' More recently, she has lent her voice to every stoner's favorite show -- 'Robot Chicken.' Though keeping a low profile as of late, Voorhies is a mother of one and continues to make sprained ankles cool everywhere.

So we must know, does Lark Voorhies still have it?

Jeff Kravitz/Henry Flores, Getty Images
Jeff Kravitz/Henry Flores, Getty Images

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