Oh, Jennie Garth, you were a goddess on 'Beverly Hills, 90210. 'According to Kelly Taylor's Wikipedia page, she was a "spoiled teen vixen." Yes, we thought it odd that a fictional character had her own Wikipedia page too.

In the later episodes of the show, Garth's character had a hell of a life as she was trapped in a fire, tricked into joining a cult, became temporarily addicted to cocaine, suffered from amnesia, shot someone and had to choose between Jason Priestley and Luke Perry's sideburns. A woman shouldn't have to make those choices!

After her stint on 'Beverly Hills, 90210,' Garth went on to star in  'What I Like About You,' with Amanda Bynes and the modern reboot of '90210.'

So, does Jennie Garth still have it? Click here to find out what Jennie Garth looks like today.

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