We can always count on Adult Swim to keep the App Store full of wonderfully demented, addictive games. They have a good streak going, that's for sure. And Amateur Surgeon 2 certainly keeps that streak alive. For the best in discount surgery, look no further than today's Free App of the Day -- Amateur Surgeon 2!

The mad surgeon is back! Who wouldn't want Alan Probe operating on them? He can work wonders with that pizza cutter. Probe's got new patients, new surgeries, and a whole new story line. Amateur Surgeon 2 takes place 51 years after the events of the first Amateur Surgeon, with Alan Probe coming out of retirement to try out new surgical procedures.

Amateur Surgeon 2 is a great sequel. Adult Swim took all the good parts from the first game and built upon them, smoothing them out and sculpting them into perfect shape. They also sliced off all the stuff that didn't work, which made the new game all the better and more perfect. Then of course they crammed in tons of new, rippling content.

What's a squidectomy? Grab your pizza cutter and let's find out! Download a copy of Amateur Surgeon 2 today for your iPhone and iPad!

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