There is nothing more satisfying after a long day of work, play or unemployment than ripping open an ice cold can of Angry Birds. We assume that's true considering we've never had the stuff and don't live in Finland.

It's got to have some merit, considering Angry Birds soda outsold two small beverage makers named Coke and Pepsi in their native land last month. The drinks are doing so well they'll soon be available in New Zealand and Australia. The United States can't be far behind. A complete list of flavors is listed here but what exactly does Angry Birds taste like?

"Fruity," according to someone named Jamillah, who says that it “tastes a bit like Lilt but less sugary and maybe a bit more like apples.” Awesome. Now, what the hell is Lilt?

The Angry Bird brand is now slapped on everything from amusement parks, debit cards and even clothing. The people behind the game must be making a ton. The way we see it there is probably little to be angry about anymore.

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