Police tend to see a lot of crazy things on the job -- can we all think back for a moment to that insane zombie attack -- but perhaps nothing will top what Scottsdale, AZ cops had to deal with last week when a man stripped nude, carjacked a woman and then caused a multi-car pileup.

Sounds like just a normal night of someone partying a little too hard, but this happened in broad daylight and things got a tad too out of hand.

Police are saying the incident started when 45-year-old John Brigham caused an accident at an intersection and started acting erratically. But really they meant to say he was yelling, chanting, stripping down to his birthday suit, jumping on the roofs of cars, and carjacking a Prius.

He sped off and eventually caused a five-car accident that left several people hospitalized, two with life-threatening injuries. And even though Brigham was thrown from the Prius after hitting a truck head-on, he bounced up and ran naked across the road while trying to get into other people's cars.

The driver of the truck Brigham hit is okay, but his wife told a local news crew, "When [my husband] called and said he was hit by a naked man in a Prius, I thought it had to be a joke."

Brigham himself also somehow made it through the escapade without serious injury and was arrested. Police are still trying to piece together what happened and why, but in the most obvious statement ever, they think "drugs or mental instability" might have been the culprit. Um, yah think?

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