Yesterday, I overheard one dude-bro discussing with another dude-bro his flatlining relationship and the correct procedure to "dump the nut job." Nut job, I assume, was in reference to the young lady who's, unfortunately, interested in maintaining a sexual and personal relationship with this Axe-scented turd bag.

His friend, delivering his opinion with the intensity of Lincoln at Gettysburg (except while eating four slices of pizza simultaneously), told him to just tell her "you're just at a different place in life."

I coughed out "BULLSH*T!", only because that's actually the way I cough, but in this instance it totally fit into the situation. That line is total BS. I know it's total BS because I used it too many times to count. Even women know its bull at this point. Or do they?

Later in the day, I stumbled across this incredibly accurate and handy chart, while doing an internet search about bullcrap break-up lines and the medical solution to always coughing the word "bullsh*t."

Here are 12 common break-up lines and what they actually mean.

Total BS Breakup Lines Chart
I Love Charts

Now that it's all out in the open, can we just all start being honest? No? BULLSH*T!

That wasn't a cough.

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