Social networking has always been a way to anonymously spy on people you wish you were hooking up with, but now it can be a tool to help make it actually happen.

Bang with Friends is a new Facebook app that allows you to find out instantly which of your friends is down for a no-commitment required, neck-biting love affair. Specifically with you.

However, while this novel idea is sure to help out some of the more socially inept among us in their efforts to bump uglies with their old high school classmates, George Takei or the occasional complete stranger, critics of the new app suggest that glitches in the system do not allow complete anonymity for those bold enough to use it.

Trying to find someone to bone doesn’t necessarily have to remain “in the vault”, so to speak; all a person has to do is login to the app, find someone they would like to start a meaningless hump-a-thon with, and then click the “Down to Bang” button underneath the users profile. The bad news is; not only does the person you want to horizontal polka with have to be a user of the app - they also have to click the bang me button beneath your profile before any contact can be made. They also have to be serious, and not just mean.

Perhaps you're better off just messaging a potential hookup directly, rather than making record of your sexually trawlings on the internet for all to see. After all, while using Facebook to find a hook-up is definitely convenient, we'd like to note that the phrase “wanna bang” has never actually gotten anyone laid.

But hell, we know you are going to try it anyway. You can start trying to bang your friends here.

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