(Welcome to Bar Fight, the weekly competition where two beers, liquors or mixed drinks fight it out and only one can come out on top...before hitting the bottom of our stomach. In our inaugural match-up, vodka heavyweights battle it out for martini mixing supremacy.)

The vodka martini has always been in the echelon of cool.  No one ever looks the fool for ordering a medium dry vodka martini, shaken, not stirred.  You CAN certainly look the fool if you order the wrong vodka for that martini. Here is a match up between two heavy hitters in the vodka arena.

While Grey Goose looks the part of a storied and traditional vodka, sadly it is not.  Yes, the recipe is created in the French style using wheat from the Cognac region, however it was tailor made for the American market in 1997 by Sidney Frank.  Still, although it lacks the prestige and pedigree, it ranks high in enjoyable Vodkas.

Ketel One has more of a history and seems the more romantic of the two vodkas.  The Nolet distillery in the Netherlands, is still operated by the Nolet family after ten generations.  This gives it a little more points in the interesting factor for sure.

So, which vodka do you prefer?

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