Welcome to Bar Fight, the weekly competition where two beers, liquors or mixed drinks fight it out and only one can come out on top…before hitting the bottom of our stomachs. This week...we get cheap.

Cheap beer. At times it is a necessity, when you are on a budget, for that beer pong game, or when you reach in a cooler at that summer BBQ and all they have is affordable American Macro-brews. Beers like this may be enjoyed by choice, as simple, no frills suds. Call it nostalgia if you must. Let it take you back to days when Grandpa would sneak you a sip of golden pale golden pilsener beer during the game. Regardless of whether you think it is swill or America in a can. Cheap beer will always have its place in the bar.

So today we are asking you to make a choice. Which cheap beer would you go with? Pabst Blue Ribbon or Miller High-Life. Both will cost you little in terms of money but what will they cost in the morning?

Originally brewed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and single handily brought back from marketing death by the urban “hipster”, PBR is enjoyed all across this great beer chugging land. Cheap as it may be, it has won a Gold Medal at the 2006 Great American Beer Festival! So it cannot be all that bad. Still one of the best parts of drinking PBR is that you can usually get yourself a “pounder” (16 oz.) can for less than the price of a bottle of spring water.

The Champagne of Beers is brewed by Miller Brewing Company and has won many awards since the first bottle of this highly bubbly pilsener rolled of the line in 1903. Longest lasting of the Miller brands the High-Life and its distinctive bottle can be found in many an American establishment. You know at least the “Girl in the Moon” is sure to give you a wink when you are tight on the wallet.



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