You can keep your beer cool in a variety of ways, but only one beer cozy makes your beer cool: the Beard Beer Cozy.

An Etsy product that was introduced at the 2012 PBR Craft Show — because where else would it be introduced? — the Beard Beer Cozy is made from crafting fur and fastened to your beer with elastic, meaning it's animal-friendly and flexible enough to handle all sizes, just like Pamela Anderson.

Apparently there's an incredible demand for this hipster-ific product, so the Beard Beer Cozy is available only on pre-order through Etsy. The Beard Beer Cozy is just $7 and comes with the two greatest disclaimers ever:

Color of fur may vary slightly.

Each beard is uniquely handmade.

Seriously, ditch the neon foam jawn you have in your junk drawer and get yourself a Beard Beer Cozy for your next brodown.

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