Adam Young's an artist. His recent art show at Common House Gallery titled, 'Songs of the Early Riser' featured a video loop that included this supercut of the many ways creative and intuitive minds can open a bottle of beer.

Over three days, Adam and his friends killed longnecks all for the sake of art, poppin' bottles with just about anything that could get their hands on including but not limited to a screwdriver, a wheelchair, an oscillating fan, a chain link fence, a garden weasel, a beer can, an iPod, cassette tape, and basketball net. We're still trying to master the forearm twist, so attempting the motorbike attached to a string might have to wait.

The pizza slice has to be the best one, right? Sure, there will be skeptics and cynics out there who question the legitimacy of some of the opens, but we want to believe. At this point, it's game over - this is the swan song for beer bottle opening videos. How do you top this?

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