As if drinkers of light beer weren't mocked enough already, Coors is introducing an iced tea-flavored light beer in April, which the company plans to test market in Canada first. If Coors Light Iced Tea Beer does well in Canada, the company plans to slowly roll it out in the U.S. as well. But, would you even drink it?

Coors Light Iced T beer

The Coors Light Iced Tea Beer will contain 4 percent alcohol by volume, but it will be caffeine free, meaning it will likely use tea flavoring instead. The flavor of Coors Light Iced Tea Beer has been described as citrus-like, which just begs the question: Does this drink really appeal to tea connoisseurs or beer fans? As far as branding is concerned, just don't try and abbreviate Coors Light Iced T. It's not the greatest achievement in beer branding. Or is it?

[Via Buzzfeed]

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