Meet Vedo: he's better at beer-chugging than you are. Just ask the three liters he just consumed in what has to be record time at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.

How much better is he, you wonder? Let's start with some math. Anyone who's been to a college party has chugged or shotgunned a beer, right? By that we mean a can of beer -- 12 ounces.

A liter, on the other hand, is about 34 ounces. So Vedo threw back 100 ounces of brew in about 32 seconds. That's a full beer every four seconds -- eight times in a row. That's some untouchable speed and volume. Good lord, we're getting bloated just thinking about this.

As the people who filmed the video above said, "Men who have been going to Oktoberfest for more than 40 years swear they have never seen such a feat!"

All hail King Vedo!

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