Welcome to Bar Fight, the weekly competition where two beers, liquors or mixed drinks fight it out and only one can come out on top…before hitting the bottom of our stomachs. This week, which booze makes the better Manhattan?

Manhattan’s are classic, you may get the occasional; “My Grandfather drinks those!” and your response should be “He must be a classy fellow!” Listed as one of the six basic drinks by David A. Embury, in the tome 'Fine Art of Mixing Drinks,' a Manhattan is a true gentleman’s drink. It can be made with rye, bourbon or Tennessee mash. Mix those with a nice Sweet Vermouth and a dash or two of bitters and you got a little slice of heaven.

Today’s combatants in Bar Fight are the Crown Royal Black Manhattan vs a Bulleit Rye Manhattan.

The largest selling Canadian Whiskey in the U.S. was originally distilled in 1939 for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Canada. Crown Royal Black is a richer more potent bled of the original recipe making it perfect for our cocktail. The Manhattan was sweet and clean with hints of vanilla and ended with a nice punch of the whiskey’s 90 proof backbone. Immensely enjoyable.

Tom Bulleit, armed with a recipe first brewed by his great-great-grandfather Augustus Bulleit, gave us a fantastic bourbon in which to sip and enjoy. Characterized by its unique and unusually high rye content the Bulleit Rye Manhattan was spicy sweet with a hint of tobacco and a velvety smoothness given from the Carpano Antica vermouth. An instant classic for any whiskey lover.

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