Bar Refaeli, with whom you may be familiar, does more than just model tiny swimsuits. She also models lingerie. It's hard to tell which one she's better at, but the real fun is in trying to figure it out.

Case in point: the video above for a company called Passionata. Solid work, Bar. If we had a girlfriend, we'd buy her all of those colorful lacy things. (Did you see how we subtly let her know that we're single? That's called "laying the foundation.")

But then we remember how well you wore that black and pink bikini a few months back and we're torn. We've been combing through her Instagram page now for hours, and nothing's helping.

Ah well, time to just watch a few GIFs of Bar, maybe that'll help. Here's one of her in lingerie and one in a bikini. Which is better? We can't choose. You pick.