This weekend, Israeli beauty Bar Refaeli was Tweet-slapped by the equally hot Russian model Irina Shayk over Twitter after criticizing Portuguese footballer (AKA soccer player) Cristiano Ronaldo's hair during a Euro 2012 quarterfinal match. Shayk jumped to Ronaldo's defense since he is her boyfriend. 

Refaeli, known for dating Leo DiCaprio, tweeted, "The only thing I can think of when I watch Ronaldo is that hair gel should really be outlawed." We're not gonna lie, Ronaldo's look is very 'Jersey Shore' meets 'There's Something About Mary.' It's pretty…unflattering.

But he wins, hair gel and all, since he has a super hot model girlfriend to defend him against Refaeli's offending tweets. Shayk posted:"Being a hater is not a cute look. Learn to love."

Wow, that guy has real problems. Being insulted by one supermodel only to be defended by another. Call the wah-mbulance.

See the Tweet battle below:


The ladies eventually kissed and made up via Tweet. It was fun while it lasted. We were about to suggest naked oil wrestling to help hash out their differences. It works when people fight in the office.

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