Surprised yet? We're nearly halfway through the 100 Hottest Women of 2014! We know that there were probably some names that you weren't expecting, but we tried to make sure that they were all either exceptionally busty or bodacious (or, hopefully, both). We've got an idol, a master of sex and even a 'Kingdom Hearts' cast member all on the way!

  • 60

    Lea Michele

    Lea Michele might be below the radar of most people due to her performances on 'Glee' and the ill-received film 'New Year's Eve'. But she scored high on the Hottest Women of 2014 for a good reason. Mainly because she is playing the lead role in the upcoming 3D animated film, 'Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return' and is also dropping her debut album, Louder, in the spring. Glee had musical fans nationwide putting L's up to their foreheads, but Lea Michele left us wishing we could put the D on hers.

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    Hannah Simone

    If you haven't seen Hannah Simone on 'H+: The Digital Series', do yourself a favor and watch it now (it was produced by Brian Singer!). Much of Hannah's beauty can be attributed to her unique heritage - she is half Indian with a mix of German, Italian and Greek to fill out the other half. Speaking of filled out... well, we'll just let the picture (or her bust) say it all. We may have had a softspot for Hannah Simone during her hosting of 'WCG Ultimate Gamer', but we have had a hardspot for her ever since.

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    Darlene Garcia

    Dropping nearly 40 spots in less than a year, Darlene Garcia's career has become unfortunately quiet. But thank goodness for social media! Darlene's Instagram page shows that she is still travelling throughout the world doing modelling work. As of right now, she is modelling on the exotic shores of Macau, China.


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    Zooey Deschanel

    Currently costarring with Hannah Simone on Fox's hit comedy series, 'New Girl', it would make sense that Zooey Deschanel would be somewhere with Hannah on the Hottest Women of 2014, right? At the age of 33, we don't expect she will be playing high school-based roles for much longer, and luckily her look is maturing as well. Ms. Deschanel's pretty face and awesome body has our pants going gooey for Zooey.

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    Sherlyn Chopra

    Sherlyn Chopra has been a controversy of late due to her decision to post semi-nude photos on her social media sites. This Indian model is half Muslim and half Christian. There are plenty of Bollywood actresses we'd love see show off some more skin, and luckily, Sherlyn is willing to oblige. Unfortunately, religious extremists and antagonists of women's rights have been trying to protest her and shut her down. You have our support Sherlyn! Thank god her heart has such thick, voluptuous padding.


  • 55

    Hayden Panettiere

    The Wolverine of 'Heroes' series, Hayden Panettiere's career has been steadily on the rise, hence her spot on the Hottest Women of 2014. Those old enough to remember might recognize her as Sarah Roberts on 'One Life to Live'. And horror movie buffs will remember her from the twist ending of 'Scream 4'. Expect to hear her reprise her voice acting role of Kairi for the 'Kingdom Hearts' series as 'Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix' and the inevitable 'Kingdom Hearts 3' peaking over the horizon. But we'd much rather peek at Hayden's peaks in the meantime.

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    Amber Heard

    Here at GuySpeed, we are big fans of Johnny Depp, Robert Rodriguez and John Carpenter. And Amber Heard has earned all of our ogles and awes since starring in Carpenter's 'The Ward', Rodriguez's 'Machete Kills' and 'The Rum Diary' with Depp. Keep an eye out for Amber's amazing curves in the upcoming McG film, '3 Days to Kill'. Despite its release being so far away, we can spend the time waiting for '3 Days' by staring at Amber's two mountains.

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  • 53

    Lizzy Caplan

    Don't let Lizzy Caplan's homely look throw you off. After what we've seen of her on 'Masters of Sex' and 'True Blood', we know that she is really a tiger waiting to pounce. We expect that she'll be the talk of the town once her upcoming Franco/Rogen stoner comedy, 'The Interview', is released.

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    Bar Refaeli

    Dropping a whopping 36 spots, we must remind our readers that Bar Refaeli is no stranger to being one of GuySpeed's Hottest Women of the Year. This Israeli idol is known for her ongoing relationship with Mr. Dream within a Dream, Leonardo DiCaprio. We could say something sleazy about Ms. Refaeli's spectacular looks. But we'll hold off saying anything sexually-disparaging remarks about someone who puts so much into philanthropy and openly supports LBGT rights throughout the world.


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    Katharine McPhee

    The runner up to Taylor Hicks in the fifth season of 'American Idol', Katharine McPhee has been trying to outgrow the curse of Idol's "flash in the pan" pattern of fame that haunts most of the series' successes. But nearly 9 years after she got Simon's thumbs down, we've still got one up for Katharine... and we're not talking about thumbs.

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