Octomom — known as Nadya Suleman to debt collectors and 'Mom' to 14 kids — is under financial duress. It turns out that having 14 children — including eight at once — will create quite a few expenses. Who knew?

So, Octomom is doing what any parent would do: she's starring in a porn, posing topless and pillow fighting a Philadelphia radio personality. We couldn't make this up. We wouldn't make this up.

Octomom was in a pillow fight against Shila, an attractive on-air personality for a Philadelphia radio show 'Chio, Shila & Tingle in the Morning' on Saturday at the Marple Sports Arena in Broomall, PA, just outside Philadelphia

Octomom pillow fighting might seem like just a typical publicity stunt, but not only did it raise some money for charity, it produced a pretty decent fight. Watch video of the fight below:

The Octomom Pillow Fight - also known as the Summer Rumble 2012 — ultimately ended in draw, but there was probably a lot more real fighting action between Octomom and Shila than there is in most pay-per-view boxing matches these days.

Maybe for her next publicity stunt, Octomom will have David Blaine make her vanish. People might pay to see that happen.