Tired of your everyday hat keeping your head warm while your exposed face freezes in the cold? Get yourself a Beardo, and your mug will never feel warmer. Or more masculine.

That's because each Beardo hat comes with a removable knit beard—stylish enough for your average lumberjack wannabe, yet warm enough for taking on the slopes or trails even in even the coldest climates.

What we're talking about here is a full-on Chuck Norris beard, not one of those hipster wisps you see on dudes crammed into skinny jeans ordering lattes they'll eventually spill on their ironically tattered scarves. It's a beard that makes women swoon, and lesser men curse their testosterone levels. And unlike real life, you actually get to choose your beard color: black, brown, blonde, you can even go ginger.

For those who need to express even more personal style, there's the Beardo with bendable mustache. So you can rock a handlebar, a Rollie Fingers, or bullhorns and look cool while keeping warm. Time to get that axe sharpened.