For teenagers, a popular rite of passage is going up to a buddy's summer cabin and seeing how much beer they can drink. Apparently bears like to do this too, as a Norwegian family learned the hard way.

When Even Borthen Nilsen's mother and grandmother arrived at their family's cabin in the northern part of the country, they found the place a mess. The beds, the kitchen appliances, the cupboards and the shelves had been destroyed and all the honey, marshmallows and chocolate had been devoured. The kicker was that somebody had also drank more than 100 beers that had been stored in the cabin.

That somebody was a family of bears, who had gained entry into the home by literally ripping off one of its walls.

"They had a hell of a party in there," Nilsen explained. "The cabin has the stench of a right old piss up, trash, and bears."

Nilsen is sure it was bears because of the paw prints and the excrement the revelers left behind. (We're just going to assume folks up in Northern Norway are all experts in bear poop.)

Now he is worried the bears are going to come back for round two, which is a legit concern. If the bears are anything like teenagers they will certainly be telling all their bear friends about the hot new party pad with the free beer!

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