While a nervous society sits patiently on the edge of their seats waiting for Big Brother to swoop in to their neighborhood like a ravenous eagle and deliver all of their darkest secrets right to the doorstep of the Pentagon, others are waiting for it to bring them a beer.

Interestingly, the organizers of South Africa’s OppiKoppi music festival plan to do just that – use an airplane-type drone to deliver booze to thousands of festival goers. This ingenious idea is destined to revolutionize event beer sales and backyard BBQs all over the planet, as the technological world and the alcoholic mind have finally collaborated on a system that caters to needs of the lazy and socially traceable beer drinker.

Attendees of this year's OppiKoppi music festival will have the luxury of ordering beer directly from their smartphones and then have their sudsy beverages delivered directly to their campsite by way of remote-controlled boozetrooper. What’s more is that while this technology is currently hand-guided, the festival recently announced on its Twitter site plans to make the OppiKoppi beer drone operate using GPS.

Now, that’s what big brothers are for.

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