Check out our list of the 10 best robots in video games to ever clank their way into your steampunk heart-rods.

Robots fascinate humans -- From the movies 'Metropolis' and 'Pacific Rim', to songs like Mr. Roboto and the books of Issac Asimov, robots have seen succes in every medium possible. In video games, they've become the darlings of the digital realm.

It seems like every single game has a robot character, and we don't mind, because we love those bags of bolts. They may lack a soul, but they have more personality than most characters of supposed flesh and bone.

Enjoy our list of the 10 best robots in video games.

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    Mortal Kombat Series

    Mortal Kombat has a bevy of half-human machines but, by far, the most violent and dangerous is Cyrax. He was once human until some tortured turn in the Mortal Kombat lore transformed him into the mustard colored metal man you see. He is deadly with his bombs and buzz saws. He also has one of the most ludicrous fatality moves in entire Mortal Kombat series. To take down an opponent he engages the self-destruct. He may explode in a hail of shrapnel, but he's gonna take you down with him.

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    Metal Sonic

    Sonic the Hedgehog Series

    Eggman has created many mechanical monsters to chase that pesky hedgehog, but Metal Sonic is by far his most memorable creation. He's fast, has a laser canon, a forcefield and is one of the few creatures in the universe who could beat Sonic in a race. An easy entry on our list of the best robots in video games.

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    Borderlands Series

    The planet Pandora just wouldn't be the same without this rascally one-wheeled bucket of bolts. Claptrap has a larger than life personality compared to many of the characters in Borderlands, which says a lot in a game with one hell of a character introduction. This little bot does everything with a quick turn of phrase and some sweet dance moves. Thankfully, he's around to brighten up the never-ending search for more guns. Without him, Pandora would be just a wasteland full of disreputable hockey players and Skags.

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    Half-Life 2

    D0g is man's best friend and that man is Gordon Freeman. Alyx Vance's electronic canine is one of the most beloved four-legged friends in gaming. D0g is always there to hurl a car at a zombie onslaught or help Gordon and Alyx out of a sticky, and potentially Head-Crabby, situation. D0g is always around to cheer people up and save their human tail. What more could you want from a giant dog robot? Actually, what more could you want THAN a giant dog robot?

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    Chrono Trigger

    An eloquent robot from the year 2300 AD, of course Robo is going to make it onto our list of the best video game robots. He's got some of the coolest weapons in Chrono Trigger and is a welcome addition to any fighting party. Seriously, he has a spring-loaded fist and can shoot bombs and lasers and superb diction. What more could you want from a robot?

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    Megaman Series

    You know him and you love him. Megaman is one of the most recognizable faces not only in games, but in the world. He's like the ambassador of robots in gaming and paved the way for all the "bolt bags" to come. With an infections grin, powerful buster, and unflinching willingness to save the world, Megaman easily is one of the most lovable robots in history. He's starred in a host of games and even a couple TV series. Even though we haven't heard too much from him lately, he still remains a favorite robot from gaming's past.

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    Ratchet and Clank Series

    This little guy is someone you want by your side. Clank is the voice of reason to the impulsive Ratchet. He's the one that offers good advice in times of need and isn't afraid to get down and dirty to lay down some rough robot style justice. Thankfully he's affectionately known as Clank, and not by his true name, XJ-0461, or serial number B5429671. If ever a nickname was to be derived from a robot thunking into the hull of spaceship, then Clank would be it.

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    Metal Gear REX

    Metal Gear Solid Series

    The long and convoluted story of Metal Gear Solid gave rise to one of gaming's most beloved robots -- Metal Gear REX. Even though he might technically be a robotic exoskeleton capable of secretly nuking cities without a trace, REX is one of the reasons for the series name. Without it, the games would just be Solid, and that sounds more boring than a brick through your TV. With his rail gun, Rex can deliver a stealth nuke to just about anywhere but like all of the best characters in the Metal Gear series it has a fatal flaw. When the VR sensors are damaged, the pilot must drive manually with the cockpit open. It also provided one hell of a showdown with it's brother RAY. That robotic throw down was one for the history books and a memorable moment why Metal Gear REX is on out list of the best robots in video games.

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    Portal 2

    With the voice of Stephen Merchant, Wheatley was born for stardom. Literally. But this charming little AI in a personality core isn't just some throwaway character. He's what makes Portal 2 such a fleshed out and narratively enjoyable ride. Even in his most homicidal state, the little guy can't help be be genuinely likable. It might be the dithering English accent or the way he dawdles about when giving us a chance to avoid his crushing panels. In turn, lovely and somewhat menacing, Wheatley is all around a good guy, even when he gets his hands on the neurotoxin. What? He wants to kill you humanely!

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    Portal 1 & 2

    Could any other artificially intelligent being with control over a whole underground laboratory head up our list of the best robots in video games? GLaDOS is by far the most charming, lovable, and entertaining mechanical creation to ever grace the final code imprinted on a video game disc. She's got a PHD in passive aggression and has uttered some of the most understated and brilliant lines in gaming history. She's even jumped into feature film work with Guillermo Del Toro's 'Pacific Rim'. Simply put, gaming wouldn't be the same without her. Who else would flood the enrichment center with a deadly neurotoxin?