Here you’ll find our list of the 10 best video game sidekicks to ever embark with you on a digital adventure.

There is nothing better than sharing a video game with a friend. Sometimes it is a person on the couch with you sharing nachos, but other times your friend only exists when there is power running through your console. These digital companions have been with you through the thick and thin of every one of your electronic adventures and would sooner leave your side then be erased from the disc by an electromagnet. They are loyal, funny, and the games they’re in wouldn’t be the same without them.

Here is our list of the 10 best video game sidekicks ever.

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    Jak and Daxter Series

    Whether you find him endearing or annoying, Daxer has been by Jak’s side through thick and thin. This little ottsel (Combination of an Otter and Weasel) was born like a Batman villain, accidentally slipping into a vat of dark sludge. He transformed from a sniveling coward into a somewhat reserved hero. He retains all the hero qualities while still being cautious, fearful, reluctant, and apt to take the easy road. He is the perfect companion of a headstrong adventurer and is always there to ask if you’re doing the right thing, and hit on girls. Always to hit on girls, with the worst lines possible.

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    The Darkness

    The Darkness Series

    The Darkness is less of a companion and more of an evil monkey on your back. But, this creepy crawly thing made of tentacles has helped you out of some sticky situations and therefore is somewhat helpful to your survival as gang lord Jackie Estacato. Okay, so it killed your girlfriend, but you can get past that can’t you? It bestows you with hugely useful superpowers. Who wouldn’t want to be able to pull the spine out of their enemies with a flick of a tentacle? Of course we have to have a somewhat violent mutated form of evil darkness on our list of the 10 Best Video Game Sidekicks.

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    Fallout 3

    The wastes of DC are filled with an intriguing cast of characters. By far one of the most interesting is this guy…girl…thing, Fawkes. Found in isolation room 5 in Vault 87, Fawkes is one of the two Super Mutants that can form sentences and are capable of human companionship. In addition to providing you with intriguing anecdotes about his time as an intelligent Super Mutant, Fawkes can mow down anything in your path with a liberal burst from his gattling laser. As soon as anything malevolent comes within eye shot, it is immediately peppered full of laser holes as Fawkes gleefully renders it into ash. Quite a helpful companion if you’re wandering the wastes by yourself and Dogmeat just isn’t doing it for you.

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    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

    Come on! Everyone loves a wise cracking robot that calls all humans "meatbags." HK47 is your constant companion through your quest in the Staw Wars Galaxy. He’s ever present to do your bidding, but never without a snarky comment. He may be the galaxy’s most decorated assassin droid, and he knows it, that’s why he hates calling you master. His quips and attitude make him endearing and earn him a place on our list of the 10 best video game sidekicks ever.

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    Mario Series

    That little green dinosaur has helped Mario get out of some pretty tight spots. His ability to strenuously flap his feet to gain altitude helps you to reach secret spots and his tongue can pick up the most out of reach fruits. His stomp even gives you a satisfying WHOMP when he crushes koopa troopas into coins. Yoshi has been Mario’s partner for many games. Without his help, Baby Mario would be left wailing on that island or Princess Peach would still be stuck with that unsavory reptile. Yoshi is akin to having a faithful Labrador retriever. He’s always there with help and a lick whenever you need him.

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    Ratchet and Clank Series

    Who wouldn’t want a robot companion? A benevolent one with wisecracks and not an evil one bent on sucking you out of an airlock. Clank is one of the best companions whether made of flesh and bone or nuts and bolts. He is the voice of reason for the brash adventurer Ratchet. He provides the perfect counterbalance to the quirky adventuring duo. He’s exactly the sort of robot you want to have by your side when fighting Chairman Drek. Thankfully, he’s there with you for a number of games and you’ll never be without a titanium sidekick.

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    Shadow of the Colossus

    A horse is your best friend in any fantasy game. Agro is as loyal as a companion as you’re likely to find. He always comes running when you let out an ear piercing whistle and will charge into battle without hesitation. He’s smart, loving, and the fastest way to get from giant monster mountain to monster mountain. That horse is integral to you making it through the game for goodness sake. In one of the most harrowing scenes, Agro runs along side of a swooping stone beast so you can leap from horseback onto the creature’s fin. Does Agro hesitate? We think not!

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    Halo Series

    The ever present voice in your ear appears in most modern video games. They usually function to get you through each level and have all the personality and staying power of a post it note soaked in porridge. But for Halo fans everywhere, Cortana is, and always will, be Master Chief’s one and only girl. She is sleek and sexy, but has the brains to back it up. Also, she does back it up, into a USB port so you can progress through the game. No only is she an integral character in the Halo universe, She acts as your messenger in day-glo body paint, ever ready to help Master Chief take on whatever alien malevolence might be attacking next.

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    Alyx Vance

    Half-Life 2

    The Combine invasion would not have been the same without Alyx Vance. She’s your comrade in arms as you try and repel those gruesome aliens back to where they came from. Her skills vary from hacking to acrobatic agility. Unlike many sidekicks, she is supremely useful in almost any situation. She can bypass computers and vault over obstacles with ease. She’s also know to kick a headcrab or two. Without her, and her sense of humor, Half-Life 2 wouldn’t be be nearly as great a game as it is. Without Alyx, who else would make cracks about Gordon Freeman’s vow of silence?

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    Victor Sullivan

    Uncharted Series

    Victor “Sully” Sullivan is the cigar chomping, world weary, adventuring uncle that we all wished we could have. He’s that guy who would come over at family gatherings bringing you trinkets from around the world. Whenever you asked what he did for a living, the only answer your parents would give is “a little of this and a little of that” with an unconvincing shrug. But you knew that he was off having adventures in the Central America or the Himalayas. Although he might seem a bit shifty, Sully’s honor remains mostly untarnished. He’s handy with a gun and always willing to give you a boost. But more importantly, he’s willing to put his life on the line for you. That is why Victor Sullivan tops our list of the 10 best video game sidekicks. That, and his sense of timing for a rescue and wisecrack.

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